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Safety Investigation

Who can investigate our problems?

Small businesses are often too busy or under-staffed to deal with all safety issues. There may be problems with noise, chemicals, equipment, incidents, accidents and there just isn't the time to deal with each and every problem. But if there is a problem at work putting people at risk then the worst thing to do is nothing. Knowing there is a safety problem and ignoring it is not only dangerous, it is against the law. If an employee is injured and the injury is due to conditions that were known then the employer can be prosecuted, and the employee can sue.

So if you know you have a safety problem at work but don't know how to tackle it, maybe Wright Safety Solutions can investigate, find out what the problem is and sort it.

Problems that we can help identify and solve include:

  • frequent minor accidents
  • chemical leaks
  • persistent smell from process
  • machinery without guards
  • noise from machinery
  • dust problems
  • traffic issues
  • staff attitude issues
  • manual lifting issues
  • repetitive manual tasks
  • personal protective equipment issues

Problems like these need close investigation, an expert view, discussion and agreement, before they are properly solved. Contact Wright Safety Solutions for help:

Wright Safety Solutions
John A. B. Wright
B.Sc. (Chem), TechIOSH
safety qualification: NEBOSH (Gen.Cert.)

Tel: (024) 76618235
Mobile: 0779 3880597



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